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PostSubject: HIKARI CONTI   HIKARI CONTI I_icon_minitimeThu May 23, 2013 12:05 pm


Trainer Info

Name: Hikari Regal Conti
Age: Twenty
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 165 lbs.
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Birth Place: Cerulean city - Kanto


OPEN-MINDED ♛ Hikari is always open to new ideas, new ways to do things. He will always be the first one to admit that he was wrong, and try something else. Being conservative, to him, is the same as being ignorant. The world changes constantly, so why shouldn't he?

INDEPENDENT ♛ Leaving his parental house at the age of fourteen has caused Hikari to become a fully independent human being. He has been alone for years, and has managed to always do what needed to be done on his own.

LOYAL ♛ There isn't one person more loyal to those he cares about than Hikari. The man will do whatever it takes to protect those he loves. This includes not only people, but pokémon as well. He would give his own life to protect them from harm.

COURAGEOUS ♛ Hikari will not run from danger, he swore not to ever bow down to evil, and the man will do anything to keep that oath up. He doesn't care who his opponent is, the man'll take on any foe that comes before him.

POLLYANA ♛ One can consider Hikari to be a dreamer. The man has set ideals and goals for himself and the world that are simply impossible to achieve, yet he will never feel at ease until his goals are met. It has a positive side, as the man will always have something worth fighting for, but due to this he will never give himself time to relax.

Throughout his life, Hikari has become more and more secluded from the world. He lives a life of soltitude. Noone ever understands the man's reasoning and he simply doesn't care enough about what other people think to start explaining everything that goes on in his wretched mind.

INSENSIBLE ♛ A strange trait for a trainer, but Hikari can come off as blunt and insensible to the outsiders. It's not that he has no feelings for others whatsoever, but he simply has a hard time expressing them. He also prefers distancing himself from other people's problems.

AUSTERE ♛ If it's not perfect, it's not good enough. Hikari pushes himself and others to their absolute limit in order to achieve perfection and doesn't tolerate anything less. He simply doesn't care about others for as long as they don't push themselves as hard as he does to himself.



The night of Hikari’s birth was anything but cheerful. The weather certainly saw to that, the rain caused the depths of night to be even greater. As well as the misfortunate weather, Hikari’s parents suffered immensely when they were plunged out of their comfortable home environment and into the darkness of a cave just outside of Cerulean city. They were trapped with a few other people, but none of the other guests had any sort of medical training.

Hikari’s mother was pregnant, and there was nothing his father could do but let the pregnancy occur in the insufficient shelter of the cave in which they had become trapped. The small baby that was Hikari was born into the cave, on that dark stormy night.

It only took a few hours for Hikari’s dad and a few other strangers to escape from the cave while Hikari’s mother cradled her new born child. The mother and child were rushed to the nearest hospital through the darkness and howling wind. The pair was seen to immediately by a doctor, and a midwife. Luckily for the family of three Hikari didn’t have a scratch on him, and although the pregnancy had occurred in a cave, everything had gone as if it were in a sanitized hospital bed. The nurses recognized Hikari as a ‘real warrior’ with the will to live, and his parents chose to name him accordingly, as Hikari.

It was a tragedy for the two day old Hikari and his father when Hikari’s mother died two days after giving birth. Through the boy’s entire life, he never had a chance to know her, and never received a scrap of motherly affection.

Hikari and his father were good companions for nine years, the Father taught his son everything he needed to know at a young age. For it were his beliefs to train children to look after themselves. It was lucky for Hikari that his father had such morals, as it was during his ninth year that the cold cruel metal of a bullet took Hikari’s father away.

Living in the shades for years, the darkness changed the once happy little boy into an apathic human being. Only a shadow of what he once was, Hikari fought throughout his life, literally and figuratively. His teenage years were anything but cheerful and even surviving was a task. The boy taught himself everything he had to know through books and observating others as he didn't have money for decent education.

The lack of social contact had such a big impact on Hikari that he grew distant of everyone else. The boy feels more closely related to pokémon than to humans, as he isn't by any means integrated into society.

Coming across his partner, abra, at the age of thirteen completely changed Hikari's life. The two quickly found out that they were the perfect partners in crime and have been perfecting their trait ever since.

Thus, these days, Hikari and Abra live of what they steal but lately, they've been setting their goals on more occult things. The thrill that they first got from robbing has faded away and the only thing that could bring it back is committing bigger crimes, so why not set your goals high and become the best.

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PostSubject: Re: HIKARI CONTI   HIKARI CONTI I_icon_minitimeFri May 24, 2013 5:17 pm

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