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 Seath reporting for duty

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PostSubject: Seath reporting for duty   Seath reporting for duty I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 2:49 am

Trainer Info

Name: Seath Scalington
Weight: 110lb
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Birth Place: Ivy City

Personality:You know that guy who is always amped up to go, always fun to be around, and never wants to stop meeting new people or exploring new places? Well Seath is not that guy. Mostly a quiet boy and easily forgotten, he usually just goes with the flow or silently slips away if he feels uncomfortable. That’s not to say he doesn’t speak, he is quite the chatter box when it comes to subjects that have perked his interest, like battling and the many different Pokémon that he has deemed cool. Like all hopeless male teens he is prone to brooding when things seem bleak, and other times he becomes infatuated with girls, doing seemingly random things to catch their eye, but usually failing leading his mood back to brooding. It is a vicious cycle. All in all he is just another teen trying to fit into the world, an impossible task if anyone where to ask, but alas he has to try.

Appearance: Light brown skin and sandy brown hair kept short and wild. He is often seen wearing a pair of tan shorts with a nice sky blue shirt and a pair of white sneakers to pull it all together. His eyes are a deep dark green, a lucky trait that gives him a seemingly exotic look, with small signs of stubble on his chin from the hair that refuses to grow.

History: Seath is the youngest of four, yet he is the least spoiled of the bunch. Maybe because he is the only boy? With three older sisters it was not surprising that he wanted to get out on his own with a Pokémon journey, anything was better than having them tease him all the time. The boy didn’t use to mind it, he loved his sisters for all their quirks and girly behavior, but he would much rather they behaved like Gwen. ‘At least she is different.’ The girl was one of his friends in the town, hanging out with the horde of children that practically formed their own society while the adults did their work. His main friendship was…a rather reluctant one, since he was caught in a tiny ball and bound to the teens will. Boris the Scyther. For the record, his sister Ashley named the thing when their father caught it flying around the backyard terrorizing the little Skitty known as Handsey, another disaster nickname from the girls, but Boris seemed to like the name and would not answer to anything else.

Since Pokémon were kind of expensive, and his family didn’t really have a need for the insect Pokémon, it was given to him as a parting gift for his journey. A rather poor one if he said so himself, the dang thing seemed to only want to listen to women, freaking womanizer.

Strange Perk? : Besides the fact that Boris seems to pop from his ball whenever a female is around to strike a pose, none.

My first Friend

Seath reporting for duty 123

Pokemon: Scyther

Level: 19


Personality: A complete womanizer. Loves to show off for women, listens to their commands, and even springs from his ball whenever one appears. Besides his apparent lack of respect for human males he is ok. He hates to be shown up, and will battle fiercely against opponents if he thinks it will impress the ladies.

Appearence: Just your average Scyther, green with wings and all that.

Ability: Swarm

  • Quick attack
  • Focus energy
  • Pursuit
  • Agility

Seath reporting for duty 394

Pokemon: Prinplup

Level: 19


Personality: Very Loyal to Seath. When ever she isn't following him around she is usually training or attempting to get Boris to play. That's only to Pokemon she is comfortable with. To others she is very arrogant, walking with her noise turned up as if she can't stand to be seen with lower class pokemon.

Appearence: A cute little blue penguin.

Ability: Defiant

  • Metal Claw
  • Agility
  • Peak
  • Bubblebeam


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PostSubject: Re: Seath reporting for duty   Seath reporting for duty I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 3:10 am

Moved to the trainer section
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Seath reporting for duty
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