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The Tobu Region is finally opened. We welcome the many trainers and hope you enjoy adventuring in the land of Tobu. So what you waiting for? Let the Adventure begin!
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 Guinevere Salome

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PostSubject: Guinevere Salome   Guinevere Salome I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 1:04 am

    Trainer Info.

    Name: Guinevere Salome.
    Nickname(s): Gwenny, or just Gwen.
    Age: 14.
    Gender: Female.
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 102lbs.
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.
    Birth Place: Ivy City, Tobu.


    Not a girl of many words– Guinevere, or “Gwen” for short– is a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. But sometimes things just aren't that simple. That's when it's time to run away. She's not a coward, per se. Not by her standards, at least... Actually, she prefers the term ‘practical.’ The one who lives to see another day wins in the end, after all. Quick to anger and easy to please, the young girl's demeanor practically screams bipolar. One minute she's screaming her lungs out (not literally,) the next she's jumping for joy.

    Guinevere Salome Gwenny10 Guinevere Salome Gwenny11


    Well kempt and possibly even considered ladylike, despite her boyish choice in clothing. (At least they were comfortable. That's what matters when you're travelling, yeah?) Onyx hair with chocolate eyes that glow auburn beneath the harsh glare of the sun.


    “You stink. Go away.” She didn't know why it was following her. And to be honest, she didn't really care. But God damn it, why wouldn't it leave her alone?

    Born and raised to a cozy family of three in Ivy City, Tobu– Guinevere had it good. Not spoiled, but most definitely comfortable. She's never even had a serious problem before. Until now, that is. The girl found herself a little stalker in the form of a small, purple and white creature aptly known as a “Stunky.” Gwen had taken to calling it “Stinky.” No difference in the number of syllables; but it was much more fitting. A bad idea on her part, since the Pokèmon took it as a sign of affection. Nicknames were a sign of intimacy, after all.

    So what was the girl to do, now? With only weeks until her appointment with Prof. Magnolia, and this... This thing just decides to up and practically glue itself to her leg. It's not her Pokèmon, but there's no way she'll get a free starter in this scenario. Gwen wanted a Charmander so badly... But hey, fuck it. It's already attached to her hip, might as well catch it. The self-proclaimed-not-quite-official-trainer would have to find another method of obtaining the fiery lizard.

    Fuck it. “Let's go... I guess.” The epitome of enthusiasm, (sarcasm...) Guinevere would soon set off for the laboratory in Seedrow Town for her starter kit and trainer's licsence– marking the beginning of her journey.

    Strange Perk: None, aside from wearing a gas mask indefinitely.

    My First Stalker.

    Pokèmon: Stunky.
    Level: 24.
    Gender: Male.
    Nickname: “Stinky.”
    Personality: (Jolly)

    Stinky likes to spend the majority of his time harassing Gwen. At least, that's how she would put it. In reality, this little guy is simply trying to convey his most heartfelt feelings... By hanging all over her and getting up in her face. He's incredibly loyal– too loyal, in fact– to the point where he just won't go away, no matter how many times Guinevere tries to run him off. He's also painfully oblivious to said attempts, and remains blissfully unaware of his surroundings. Except for his master. He's always watching her.


    Guinevere Salome 434 Guinevere Salome 434

    Ability: Stench.
    • Slash.
    • Screech.
    • Poison Gas.
    • SmokeScreen.

    + Caught with a pokèball.

    Other Cool Cats.

    Pokèmon: Seel
    Level: 5.
    Gender: Female.
    Nickname: None.
    Personality: (Quirky)

    Seel is pretty full of herself, but remains affectionate towards others. At least, said others who praise her on a regular basis. Guinevere hasn't had Seel long enough to know much more than that.


    Guinevere Salome 086Guinevere Salome 086

    Ability: Hydration.
    • Signal Beam.
    • Headbutt.
    • Growl.

    + Caught with a pokèball.

    Pokèmon: Foongus.
    Level: 4.
    Nickname: Tiny.

    Tiny is a baby. Seldom is he quiet; if he's not crying for attention in any form, he's looking around curiously and messing with things that really shouldn't be messed with.


    Guinevere Salome 590Guinevere Salome 590

    Ability: Effect Spore.
    • Absorb.

    + Caught with a pokèball.

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Posts : 15
Credits : 80
Join date : 2012-11-15

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PostSubject: Re: Guinevere Salome   Guinevere Salome I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 19, 2012 5:01 pm

    Guinevere's Stuff.
    Where did I even get this crap?

    Guinevere Salome Gwen_s10 Guinevere Salome Gwen_s12 Guinevere Salome Gwen_s11


    Guinevere Salome TagCheri X5 Guinevere Salome TagChesto X5 Guinevere Salome TagLeppa X5 Guinevere Salome TagOran X5 Guinevere Salome TagRawst X5


    Guinevere Salome Gwen_s13 X4

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Guinevere Salome
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