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~The Tobu Region is now Officially Opened!~
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~Grand Opening!!~

The Tobu Region is finally opened. We welcome the many trainers and hope you enjoy adventuring in the land of Tobu. So what you waiting for? Let the Adventure begin!
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The Tobu Region has been hit with lots of rain all around the region. Floods has become very common so please beware.~
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 Ayame Nasaka

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PostSubject: Ayame Nasaka   Ayame Nasaka I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2012 7:26 pm

Trainer Info

Name: Ayame Nasaka
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 111lbs
Zodiac Sign: Piscies
Birth Place: Cherrygrove City

Personality: Ayame is an optimistic girl. She tries not to show when she's down or upset and she never cries unless she literally breaks a few bones. She tires to help anyone she can, even if they happen to be jerks. She can't turn her back one anyone or any Pokemon and hopes to one day become a Pokemon Ranger. She tends to over exhaust herself as she seems to be constantly training. Nakaska is a very calm person. She also doesn't get angry easily unless she seems people who try to purposely hurt both people and Pokemon. She tries to act very cool and she loves to train and make her own Pokemon special food. She also never gives up and will push onward until she can't give anything more.

Ayame Nasaka 55c1eade
Ayame grew up as a fairly normal girl in a fairyly normal Family. Her childhood was a good one, her parents loved her to bits and always spent time with her and they would often go out on picnics near the water. One day when Ayame was Six she got too close and fell in, she drifted down river and found herself washed ashore inside a dark cave. The made constant noises scaring Ayame causing her to cry for several hours but no one came. After a few hours a Growthie appeared out of nowhere, he was very friendly and cuddled into Ayame keeping her warm. A few hours later a Pokemon Ranger appeared, she came to save her and found her due to Growthies small fire he had made. Since then Ayame has kept Growthie and has always had a dream to become a Pokemon Ranger.

Strange Perk? : Ayame carries around with her a Camera and a few Pokemon Photo albums as she enjoys keeping record of everything she does.

My first Friend

Pokemon: Growthie
Level: 5
Nickname: Hope
Personality: Kind, Caring, Affectionate, Loyal
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PostSubject: Re: Ayame Nasaka   Ayame Nasaka I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2012 7:54 pm


Moved to the Trainers Section
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Ayame Nasaka
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