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~The Tobu Region is now Officially Opened!~
Make sure you read the Rules before you Start!
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~Vote For Us!~

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~Grand Opening!!~

The Tobu Region is finally opened. We welcome the many trainers and hope you enjoy adventuring in the land of Tobu. So what you waiting for? Let the Adventure begin!
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The Tobu Region has been hit with lots of rain all around the region. Floods has become very common so please beware.~
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 Zodiacs Rising [A Mythological Zodiac rp] LB

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zr staff

PostSubject: Zodiacs Rising [A Mythological Zodiac rp] LB   Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:16 am

The Zodiacs are Rising.
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Two years after the predicted end of the world, Earth still stands.
Not much has changed on its landscape but its inhabitants have felt the dawn of a new world. The relentless humans have waged war against each other in every way possible but little did they know that a greater war is upon them.

Experience emotional exploration, war, politics, and mythology like never before.
Your choices determine the fate of the realms. Explore your Rising Sign.
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Zodiacs Rising [A Mythological Zodiac rp] LB
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