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 Raine and his Grand Carnival adventure!

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PostSubject: Raine and his Grand Carnival adventure!   Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:23 pm

Raine was with his good old pokemanz. Raine decided to just explore a nearby attractions of a town and oh Boy there was a lot. A few pokèclubs, a few pokèamusment parks and pokè-.... Ok screw it no more adding pokè to the beginning of things. It gets real annoying, real fast, real- ok there I go again... Let me stop myself... Either way Raine decided to take his Pokèmon to the amusement park and have some fun with that. However this place was odd as the Pokemon were allowed to roam free on their own park as the humans can go to the people side. Raine abided and took a knee in front of his Pokemon. "Okay guys! I'm leaving Lobos in charge! Come back here when the sun start set!" Raine told his Pokemon and they responded all in their native tongue, "You got it!" With an assuring nod. Raine smiled as he went to bugger off in the human park.

Now that the three were on their own, well lets describe it first, Magnemite floats and Slakoth clings to Magnemite so they can go on without having to wait an hour or so and Spheal rolls like the boss it is. So first thing the trio saw was a kick ass pool area. Like it had a slide and geyser thing right in the middle of it. They had to... It was simple as that. The conversation about it went like this. "Lobos look at that!" Vato the slakoth said as it pointed at the pool. "Wow look at all that... Water..." Lobos the Magnemite said quite nervously. "Like oh my gawd~ lets go boys!"  Lea the Spheal said excitedly as it started rolling but Lobos stopped. Vato than tapped the bolt on Lobos' head. "You alright there?" "Yeah... Yeah... Just fine..." Lea stopped her rolling and rolled back as she looked up at Lobos. "Lobos... You aren't afraid of water are you?" She said innocently yet all in his face about it.  "um... A little..." Lea started to laugh hysterically as she rolled circled around the two. "Shut up Lea!" Lobos yelled as he was flustered and Vato tapped its bolt again. "Why are you afraid? Water can't hurt you..."Vato said all slowly as Lea stopped dying of laughter on the floor. "It's not me I'm worried about... I'm afraid I'll shock others if I go in..." Than Vato laugh, "Isn't that why they have a Marowak and Rhydon zap guard?" Well speak of the devil their were a Marowak and Rhydon sitting in the water with "Park Employee" bandanna on their head. Lea laughed again, "Now come on you worry wart! You won't shock anyone today!" Lobos was at a loss for words as he had to conquer his... Strange fear.  The trio went in and enjoyed the water, all three of them took a note from Vato and all lazed about, letting them stay afloat and and lounge on their backs. They stayed there for awhile just lounging in the sun and water. 

On the other end of the park Raine was simply walking around. He had found his way to a Roller coaster line. He was absent minded during this whole experience as he just kept moving forward, somehow he was able to meet this brown haired beauty. All he could think in his mind was "Dat Arse" *cough* um I mean all he could think was "Maybe I should say something to her..." He cleared his throat as he could tell, the wait time was at least another 20 minutes. "So do you come to this park often?" He said with a shaky voice as he internally beat himself for the shakiness. She turned around, she was prettier than he initially thought. Long flowing brown hair, small nose, lifeful almond shape amd colored eyes, thin lips, silky tan skin. Beautiful if he could say so... "No, not really this is my first time here. I left my Pokemon on the other park and came to enjoy myself here!" she ended with a smile. He stammered for a sec and responded a little quickly. "Um I did the same!" She shook her head, "Oh? What Pokemon did you leave?" He cleared his throat and smiled, "Yeah! Um... My Magnemite, Slakoth, and Spheal! How about you... Uh... What was your name again?" She sighed and pulled out a trainer card and showed Raine the card. "My name is Ria, Ria Claro! And I left my Smeargle, Scraggy, and a cute little Budew at the other side!" Raine smiled a little and asked, "Seems like that would be an energetic group!" "Oh they are!" The two laughed a little as the line went forward. "So... Ria... Are you with anyone else here?" "Hm? Ummmm~" She was teasing him now... She giggled, "Nooo~ this is my first time here and I'm traveling alone so it's just me now since I left my pokemon!" Raine started to stumble a lot more. "Um than do you- um- want to... Uh..." She stopped him right there and thought he was cute in his antics. "Sure i'll hang out with you for awhile." And just s she said that they had gotten to the front of the line. She smiled and pulled him by the arm of his shirt. "Let's go have some fun than!" With that the two people had got into the roller coaster and would enjoy their time together.  

Around this time all of Raine's Pokemon had made a few friends, namely a Smeargle, Scraggy, and Budew... God Pokemon roller coasters are awesome! The sextet went on all the rides together and etcetera etcetera. And how did they meet? By a huge fight if course! The Smeargle came and colored all over Lobos back as they were waiting in line. Colored what you say? Colored a replica eye so no one could tell which side was Lobos. "Hey this isn't funny! Get this off me!" The Smeargle laughed as it couldn't really get the stuff off. "Sorry it's stuck till you get cleaned!" Vato stepped in, "Hey.... That's pretty funny, Lobos which belongs to you!" "Not you to Vato!" Lea was rolling around and was dying from this. "Ah look! It's identical!" "oh shut up Lea!" Lobos said in frustration and turned to the Smeargle. "Hey you! This isn't funny! Now everyone will think I have two eyes! At least apologize!" "Who's this? He giving you a problem?" A Scraggy came up and said, the Smeargle kept on laughing and waved its hand. "Oh nothing! Just this!" It said as it pointed at Lobos' second eye. The scraggy held its mouth as it was trying to hide the laughter. Than a small Budew came and looked at the situation. She wasn't pleased... She than used giga drain on the two and they both collapsed. "Hello, my apologies for what these two did." Well Lobos was now terrified... "Uh... Thank you?" Lobos said to small flower. The two wearily stood up and waved, "We're sorry too..." They said all tired like. Lobos shook its body a little and sighed. "Sorry for making it into a big deal. Lets all just get along now!" Vato slowly raised its arm and Lea giggled and in unison the two said "Yeah!" Budew smiled a little and pumped into the two. In unison the three said "Sure!" And than Budew alone said, "My name is Flora!" Scraggy went next, "I'm Beat!" And than Smeargle, "I'm Riff!" Than the others went in unison. "Lobos!" "Vato~" "Lea!~" Now that the two were introduced to each other, they both made up and went adventuring through the park together. Going on all the rides, eating Pokemon food, yeah it was so fun the group. Same could be said the same was happening on the other side of the park. Raine and his Pokemon were having a blast today. 

Soon the sun started to set, Raine had an amazing day with Ria, even got her number. Our trio made friends with another group which ironically belonged to Ria. Raine told Ria that he promised his Pokemon that he would go get them when the sun started to set. She understood and decided to go as she promised the same thing to her own Pokemon. Ria's trio decided to go with Raine's and well... When Raine got there he greeted his Pokemon and knelt down. " Hey guys! Who're these? Friends?" They all jumped Raine in excitement as if they were telling him stories of what they did. Ria giggled at this and cleared her throat. "I hope you three haven't made any trouble for them! I see a painted eye Riff!" She smiled as her Pokemon went to her. Raine noticed this and gave a wide smile, "Seems like our Pokèmon like each other!" She gave a small smile back, "I guess so! Seems like we'll have to arrange play dates!" She ended with a giggle. He softened his smile, "I guess so..."

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PostSubject: Re: Raine and his Grand Carnival adventure!   Sat Jun 15, 2013 2:10 pm

approved >.>

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Raine and his Grand Carnival adventure!
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