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 Leveling Up/Training

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Gray Rain

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PostSubject: Leveling Up/Training    Sat May 05, 2012 7:56 pm

Ok I'll make it simple, every pokemon battle you get into wild or not, warrants one EXP point.

•At lvs 1-20 you only need one EXP Point to level up.
•During lvs 21-50 you need 2 EXP points to level up.
•During lvs 51-90 you need 3 EXP to level up
•Lvs 91-100 you need 4 EXP points to level up

Gym Leader and Elite 4 Battles Warrants Double EXP
Champion battles Warrants Triple EXP

You can have a solo or team training topic:
•Solo training consists of you yourself and another form of you. You basically type up trainings but they vary.
•Lvs 1-20 you only need to write 100 words per lv.
•Lvs 21-50 You only need to write 300 words per lv
•Lvs 51-90 You need to write 500 words per lv
•91-100 you need to type 800 words per lv.

•Team Training is basically you and a buddy training up Lvs together, much like Solo training WORD LIMITS PER LV
•Lvs are granted equally to both participants (Ex: We both trained 5 Lvs together the pokemon we were training gained 5 Lvs)
•Lv 1-20 you both need to write a cumulative total of 200 words per lv
•Lvs 21-50 you both need to write a cumulative of 600 words per lv
•Lvs 51-90 you both need to write a cumulative of a 1000 words per lv
• 91-100 you both need to write a cumulative of 1600 words per lv.

•See not so hard to get~
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PostSubject: Re: Leveling Up/Training    Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:39 pm

Special Evolutions
Eevee Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon will evolve as they do in the anime and the games, an evolutionary stone. Espeon and Umbreon: you can choose which one you want when your Eevee reaches level 25. Leafeon and Glaceon: must level up at least twice either in the temple of steam for Glaceon or in the Meadows or the Forest for Leafeon.

Burmy If female, you get to decide which cloak your Wormadam wears.

Feebas Must win a contest to evolve into a Milotic.

Mantyke Evolves at level 25.

Tyrogue and Wurmple You decide which Hitmon or Coon it evolves into.

Pichu, Riolu, and others These Pokemon evolve by happiness points. You must keep track of these. Once a Pokemon reaches 100 happy points they evolve!

Happiness System:
This system is created for Happiness evolutions such as: Pichu and Riolu.
All Pokémon start with 10 Happiness
Giving Nicknames will help make them happy.
Try to keep them away from fainting and other dangers.
You must get you Pokémon to love you by getting them up to 100 Happiness
Take your Pokémon to contest - if they win they will become happier.

All actions with '*' Can only be done once a day.

*Petting: +5
*Warming them: +10
Winning a battle: +5
*Feed: +10
Winning Contest: +20
Nickname: +5
Giving it a Soothe Bell: Auto Evolve

Letting them Faint: -10
Not feeding it: -15

We will leave the Hapiness points be calculated by you guys, but if people start abusing the system stricter rules will be applied. Please put a note at the bottom of each post in which your pokemon gains or loses happy poinits, example:

Quote :
This is a post that is at least 200 words and follows all the rules. Justing reaches over and pets his Riolu for a few seconds, Riolu seems happy under the warm hand of his trainer. It almost purrs in happiness.

(Riolu was petted, +5 happiness points)
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Leveling Up/Training
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