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 Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete)

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Alexandra Connell

Alexandra Connell

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PostSubject: Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete)   Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete) I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 06, 2012 11:35 am

Trainer Info

Name: Alexandra "Lexi" Connell
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 126
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birth Place: Forest of Silence (Celebi shrine)

Personality: Lexi is very quiet and reclusive, she isn't shy she just doesn't know how to approach people other then her family. To new people she is cold and will not say very much, the occasional nod and one word answer is the best you will most likely get. Lexi has a fondness for nature, and therefore, grass type Pokemon. She is open to the other types, but her favorites are grass, poison, flying, and ice. Pokemon are family to her, and she will go out of her way to help them as she did while living at the Celebi shrine. They are drawn to her, for though a person might think she is cold, Pokemon have much higher senses. And they sense Lexi's kind soul underneath her hard exterior. In battle she can be ruthless, using type advantage and strategy to overcome her opponents. Her one fear is that she will lose her Snover Emerson, but he has assured her many a time that he can fight just fine.
It takes a lot of time to make Lexi open up, but she is loyal and compassionate and will be there for anyone she cares about. Her peaceful ways make her have a very even temper, and will probably just walk away from you if you try to start an argument with her. Quiet, caring, ruthless, and calm, Lexi can make quite the trainer.

Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete) Neoversion

History: Eighteen years ago, in a subtle home nestled in the trees of the Forest of Silence, a young married couple waited for their first child to arrive. They were a family of shrine keepers, they kept the local shrine to the forest deity Celebi up and running. It was a small family, consisting of Lexi's mother Elizabeth, her father James, and her fathers brother Lucas. Later that night, Alexandra became part of the small family, and was ushered into a life of Shrine keeping. As she grew her parents taught her the ways of the forest. Her uncle showed her good medical herbs that could be found, her father taught her the kinds of wild Pokemon that lived in the forest, and her mother taught her the ways of being a shrine maiden. Lexi adored living among nature, and the shrine always had such a comforting feel to it.
Every once in a while, a trainer would pass by, and wish for safe travel through the forest from Celebi at the shrine. Lexi's curious child mind always wanted to talk to them, see what it was like being a trainer. But she always felt that her family needed her, and that if she left the shrine it would be a catastrophe. So she stayed, and grew into a lovely young woman with the guidance of her family. One night, during a cold winter, a fifteen year old Lexi was roaming the forest looking for Pecha berries. A harsh, chilling wind suddenly blew, and in the blink of an eye Lexi was trapped in a blizzard.
All she can remember from that day is how cold she felt, before a warm, comforting sensation rolled over her body like a warm wave from a tropical sea.
A voice called her name, and when she woke she was back at the shrine, with a most peculiar quest beside her.
"Hey are you okay?"
A masculine, yet caring voice sounded from beside her. Lexi expected her father or her uncle, but her face paled greatly when all she saw was a Snover standing beside her.
"I found you lying here where did you-"
Lexi shriek so loudly that bird Pokemon erupted from the trees all around in fright. The Snover fell back on it's haunches, clutching its chest where its heart was.
"What the heck was that?!!"
He exclaimed, Lexi still too shocked to say anything. Her scream had caught the attention of her family, and they wondered why a simple Snover had scared her so.
"I-It talked! That Snover talked to me just now!"
But all her family could hear was the usual cries any Snover would have. Lexi mother brought her daughter inside quickly, and began to check if she was injured or sick enough to bring on such an illusion. It was no illusion, the Snover sat outside shouting to know what was going on. James began to ask his little girl what had happened, and she regaled them in the story of her brush with the blizzard, and the sudden warm sensation she felt run over every part of her body before she found herself lying back on the steps of the shrine.
Lucas rejoiced, saying that Celebi was the one who had saved his niece, and that it had in turn given her this gift. When he put it that way, Lexi began to feel very special about herself. She got up and ran tot he door, seeing the Snover still sitting on the porch. Lexi gently ushered him inside, and soon the small family began to talk to Snover (with Lexi acting as medium). It seemed this Snover had been living around the shrine for quite some time, and wanted to come closer to the family due to his curious nature.
He was all alone, his family was far scattered across the forest and even outside the forest, and he hadn't seen them in years. That was when Lexi made the crazy suggestion: that he stayed with them.
The family all agreed, they could use an extra pair of hands around the shrine and it seemed the Snover had taken a liking to Lexi. So he agreed, and Lexi and the Snover were inseparable since.
The next few weeks were oddly busy, travelers of all kinds coming through to pray at the shrine. Lexi began to call Snover Emerson, since it didn't feel right calling him Snover now that he was part of the family. Emerson would give the snoverberries he grew away to passers by, and they brought a lot of positive attention tot he shrine.
Years passed, and Lexi grew restless. Now 18, she wanted to go outside the forest, see the world and such. Her family surprisingly let her go, but Emerson wasn't so easily persuaded. He followed Lexi right to the very edge of the forest, and claimed her would not let her go alone. So Lexi agreed to take Emerson with her, and the two began their journey together.

Strange Perk? : Lexi can speak to Pokemon, through out her years serving as a maiden to the Celebi Shrine deep within the Forest of Silence, she has been blessed with this gift. Her family claims it to be a blessing from Celebi itself.

My first Friend

Pokemon: Snover (Male)
Level: 5
Nickname: Emerson
Personality: Emerson is quirky in nature, and tends to like to get into trouble. He only means it in good fun, since he's trying to make Lexi be more social and outspoken. He is very caring, but things don't always go his way. Emerson is very protective of Lexi, and will attack anyone or anything who threatens her.
Appearance: Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete) 459Snover

Ability: Snow Warning: Summons hail for the duration of the battle
Moves: Powdered Snow, Razor Leaf, Leer
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Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete)   Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete) I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 06, 2012 7:48 pm

Moved to the Trainer Section

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Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete) 41476810

Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete) Andy
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Connell, Alexandra {Trainer} (Complete)
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