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 Aubree Grace Reec

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PostSubject: Aubree Grace Reec    Aubree Grace Reec  I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 22, 2012 11:09 pm

Trainer Info

Name: Aubree Grace Reec
Nickname: Bree
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Height: Five foot seven inches
Weight: How dare you ask a lady that. One Hundred fourteen
Zodiac Sign: Cancer (July 19th)
Birth Place: Levia Town

There is many ways to describe Aubree fun, loving, caring, kind and protective are just a few words that come to mind. A female who isn't a little girl any more, Bree has grown into a fine young woman. She is mature and serious when she needs to be, very hard working and a girl with dreams. Still she knows that life isn't any good unless she has some fun a long the way. She loves to dance, read and sing off key. She will dance to any type of music or even to the beat of the falling rain it is just something she enjoys doing. Training isn't always the funnest thing in the world, but she knows how to make a game out of just able everything. Making things fun and being creative takes the dread out of just about everything and she cares about others. She doesn't want anyone to dread being around her, not anyone nor anything for that matter. Be it another person or a pokemon, friend, family or foe. Knowing that you can't be friends with everyone she does try her best not to make enemies, but it sometimes can't be helped. Around her enemies she is protective of her friends and family and well stop at nothing other then murder to protect them. Stubborn once on her bad side it is sometimes hard to get off of it, for she can hold a grudge, but if you are truly a friend of her's she won't be mad at you for long if you apologize.

Aubree Grace Reec  472258228

She was born the only child of a couple who lived in Levia Town. Her father was a bright man, a creative man. He was a write, a novelist of Pokemon Fantasy. Bryan Reec wasn't famous or even well known, but he still did what he loved. Her mother was a strong woman one who loved her family and who loved pokemon. Sadly though Aubree never got the chance to really now her mother for she died when Bree was three. Claire Reec's fourteen year fight had ended on a warm summer afternoon and Aubree doesn't remember much about her mother. The only thing she knows about her mother is that she was an amazing woman for she is the man character in her father's books.

Through out the years she had her good moments and her bad ones. When she was seven years old she feel out of a tree and broke her arm. She was real lucky she didn't break her neck, but thanks to putting her arms out to catch herself that didn't happen. Despite that she still loves to climb trees. Even though it was just her father and herself growing up was a bit boring. Sometimes it was hard, but when she got lonely she would go out and play with the other kids or stay in and read one of her father's books. She had always said she was going to be a trainer just like her mother and have all the different adventures that her father wrote about. Even if the adventures never really happened for Aubree's mother was a teacher not a trainer like in the novels.

When she turned seventeen she finished high school. She had been a smart girl and got an A - average for most of her schooling. Expect PE and reading she always got A+ in those classes and now that all of that was taken care of she was ready to start the next stage in her life. After getting her father's blessing she left home to become a trainer. Before she left her father gave her something to help her. It was a locket with a picture of her dad and her mom in it. To make sure she had something to keep herself inspired. She then headed to the lab to get her first pokemon and a starter kit.

Strange Perk? : Clicks her heels together when nervous.

My first Friend

Pokemon: Swablu
Level: 5
Nickname: Sweetie
Gender: Female
A complete sweetheart to her trainer and her friends. However, she isn't a push over. Being rather sassy she battles hard and works well with others even if she had her own ideas about how things should go from time to time.
Appearence: She is blue with cotton wings.

Ability: Natural Cure: Cures any major status ailment upon switching out.
Moves: Peck, Growl, Astonish
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PostSubject: Re: Aubree Grace Reec    Aubree Grace Reec  I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2012 1:51 am


Moved to the trainer section

Aubree Grace Reec  Andy
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PostSubject: Re: Aubree Grace Reec    Aubree Grace Reec  I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2012 2:32 am

Starting balance: 3000 poke
- spent
+ gained
Total current balance: 3000

1. The chapter that starts it all. At the lab (current)

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Aubree Grace Reec
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